audrey buhr

I am here to serve & empower my clients' business growth to positively impact people & communities.

I Help Business Grow!

It's Not About Ideas...


Since the beginning, my mission has been to provide you with “Marketing Solutions That Fit!” – the right business and consumer list services, data processing, and direct marketing solutions.


My unending passion is all about making a difference in the direct marketing industry. My prime focus is to provide you with experience based consultation and just the solutions to fit your unique marketing needs.

It's About Making Ideas Happen!



I have the pleasure of partnering with the most ethical suppliers and customers in business today. It has been my pleasure to have helped businesses of all sizes – from small start ups to Fortune 500 companies – increase their success and reach.


To get you the right list -Quick & Easy! Without the right list, your marketing campaign may fail. I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen.

Your list can be used for direct mail campaigns, digital display, to pound the phone or even on a Social Media Ad Campaign.

Contact me now - I can’t wait to help you get the right list, quick and easy!

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