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I am Cindie’s daughter, the spitting image of my Father (but more feminine), grew up in a small town in the Heartland and obviously love country music, no joke intended! I am the youngest of four children, and my parents knew the life they wanted for their family, based off their upbringing and what they were missing. We were happy, albeit simple, not poor but not middle class. From my stories, my Husband says I grew up with the Cleaver’s, or with Rose Colored glasses! My home life and Family were my world and it was good.

One of my first jobs was corn de-tasseling and I loved it! The early wake up, the sunrise, the smell of the earth, the heat of 10 AM. It was the best job I ever had! It was tough and dirty but I loved it. My Dad may have had a desk job, but he taught us hard work, how to fix and repair things around our home, and keep it nice and tidy. My most satisfying jobs have involved manual labor along with customer service, and often times food was part of it! I want to make sure you are taken care of, you are full, happy, and satisfied. I have taken that with me to every job!

Early on in life I marched to my own beat, like Punky Brewster, but was a total Type A boss on the playground, always getting my homework projects done in 2 days when I had 2 weeks. I may have toned down the punky side, but the Type A discipline is an asset, for me and for you!

Questions People Often Ask...

How do you say my last name?


Your last name is the same as the president of the company?


You're How Old?

Graduated HS in 2000

How tall are you?

5' 9"

Favorite Industry Leaders:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Grant Cardone

Ryan Deiss

Favorite Things to

"Geek Out" On:

SQL Queries

Techno-babble Conversations

Star Trek

Enjoys Spending


Flying Planes

Traveling With Family


Always Has a Secret Stash of...In His Desk:

Red Vines


Favorite Industry Leaders:

Favorite Things to

"Geek Out" On:

Enjoys Spending


Always Has a Secret Stash of...In Her Desk:

Kristin Olson-Kott

Alexander Grant

Natalie Workman

Pop Culture Nonsense

Food Blogs



Watching Movies With

My Kids

Mixed Nuts

Oatmeal Packets

Baby Wipes

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